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Making Friends at Work, Without Sucking Up

The people we choose to interact with at work have an immense impact on our performance and satisfaction. I have worked as a retail manager, restaurant employee, soccer coach, and several office positions; and while they all have their differences, the techniques used to navigate these landscapes are similar. This article focuses on the expectations...

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How do People Always Have Something to Say?

The title of this post floated to the top of r/social skills recently, and it deserves some attention. A possible better question would be, “How do people always have something entertaining or interesting to say?”. Regardless, the general concepts are roughly the same. If you find yourself at bars, and unable to push your conversation...

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New Year, New Conversation

What’s up with New Years resolutions? I never understood the New Years hype, but I’m a staunch supporter of all nonviolent festivities, so I pop some champagne and join the crowd. A lot of people like to create new years resolutions, and while they might have the noblest of intentions, they often fall short on...