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What You Can Expect from One-on-one Coaching

Actionable Advice

The sessions will be an hour long, with a ten minute catching-up period at the beginning. I want to help you overcome specific communication issues, therefore I don’t want you to spend your time venting for the entirety of the session. Once we have identified the area where you need assistance, I will go over the fundamentals of nonverbal behavior, encourage positive language for a positive outlook, and give you a checklist of routines to practice daily.

I’m not a licensed therapist

Although I have thought about returning to school to pursue cognitive behavioral therapy, I haven’t yet, and I will not present myself as such. I am an extroverted individual with a B.A. in Communication. If you are suffering from clinical depression and/or have constant thoughts about self-harm, seek a professional. I have read extensively on psychology, neuroscience, and Buddhism; and I believe almost all of our social problems can be solved with proper introspection and discussion. However, finding the right questions can be difficult. I can only help you as much as you are willing to divulge and accept.

You will not be the next Machiavelli

Studies have shown that a class in nonverbal communication is able to help to some degree, but there is no easy fix for years of introversion. Being a better listener or reading body language takes practice, and without the proper mindset, you will need to undergo several paradigm shifts before you can truly appreciate the power of communication.


I am just starting out, so I will be refining my process as I take on more clients. I want to charge a reduced fee until I gain a larger clientele base, so if you decide to follow through with one-on-one coaching, I will discuss pricing with you and find a rate that works for both of us.

If you’re interested in one-on-one communication coaching (either in-person or skype)? Fill out the form below or reach out to me on social media to get started.

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